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With more than half a century and tens of thousands of trailers behind it, family-owned Dennison Trailers is certainly one of the UK’s largest players.

The company, which has factories in Naas, Ireland, and Lancaster, England, is best known for its skeletal trailers. It commands a 50% market share in the UK, and it’s safe to say that without Dennison Trailers, our ports would very quickly grind to a halt.

Its notoriously robust fixed skeletal trailers, which have an impressive 4,000kg unladen weight, come with a choice of either crank-handled or screw-type twist locks. Its sliding skellies, which are suitable for a variety of container sizes, feature a push-pull valve for air-operated locking pins. Customers can specify a self-tracking rear axle from the options list.

Other semi-trailers in its huge product portfolio are curtainsiders, platforms, tippers and drawbars. It also manufactures a range of superbly engineered extendable straight-frame and drop-frame trailers, otherwise known as trombones. These extend to 21.2m and 19.7m respectively. As well as having a significant market share in the UK and Ireland, it also has a strong export market.

Dennison has a reputation for innovation, and a good example of this is the tractor unit it produced in the late 1970s. During its four-year production run 250 of them found buyers.

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