Don-Bur’s roots lie in a management buyout of a bodybuilder in 1981 by founder Donald Burton. From a modest start, the company now employs 500 workers to build 1,500 units a year on an 18-acre site.

Quite possibly the most progressive UK trailer manufacturer, Don-Bur is a hotbed of innovation. Its recent advances range from the safety benefits achieved by the newly patented LowGlide sliding ground coupling system, which allows a driver to fully complete the trailer coupling safely without having to access the catwalk, to the futuristic virtual reality system that allows visualisation of a trailer from any location. Its most unlikely project, still in a lengthy development process, involves an array of plasma-emitting lights around a trailer’s rear aperture which have a positive effect on its airflow. Aerodynamics are a major preoccupation for the Stoke-on-Trent manufacturer, most notably with its patented Teardrop trailer, the flagship of a comprehensive product range, which in 2006 set the standard that others strive to match.

In addition to regular height curtainsiders and box vans, Don-Bur has had a lot of success with its double-deckers, which are offered with fixed or moving decks. The latter can be specified with either a cost-effective mechanical deck, or a hydraulically powered one.

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