Renault Trucks

In 2013 Renault revamped its entire range, and with the all-new trucks came an enhanced reputation.

The star of the new range is undoubtedly the Range T tractor unit, which was awarded the International Truck of the Year accolade at its launch. When it first appeared it’s fair to say that this truck’s distinctive external styling created quite a stir, but it didn’t put buyers off, and today it’s a common sight on UK roads. While drivers appreciate that it’s a vastly better lorry to drive and live in than the Premium it replaced, operators are attracted to its low total cost of ownership. It does after all share a driveline with its more expensive Volvo siblings. In 2017, after a four year wait, Renault finally announced that it would be offering a right-hand drive version of its flat-floored T High.

Renault’s Range C has been a sales success, winning it plenty of friends in the construction sector. Meanwhile the Range K, with its heavy duty metal bumper, excels when the going gets really tough.

The 10 to 26 tonne distribution sector is catered for by the Range D trucks. Renault has no plans to offer a 7.5 tonner.

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